Reconstruction for the program Espejo Publico of the  services of Antena 3 television of the crime of the children of Cordoba.

Breton: Alfonso Becerra.
Ruth: Patricia Silvia Rodriguez.
Jose child: Adam Villafruela.
Ruth girl: Paula Rodriguez.
Catherine: Eva Lasilla.
Ortega: Francisco Henares.
Grandmother: Soledad Osorio.
Script: Menchu ​de ​la Peña.
Voice: Agustín Gómez
Screenplay: Carmen Lapeña.
Production: Marian Navarro.
Assistant of Direction and Photography: Alberto Albujar.
Study Voice: Víctor Martín.
Casting: Monica Fernandez.
Direction, Photography, Time lapses, editing and Post-production Audio / Video: Pablo Quevedo.
Gayane Ballet Suite (Adagio)
Aram Khachaturian.
Lux Aeterna
György Ligeti
Famous Adventures Of Mr. Magoo
A Feature for Public Mirror in Antena 3 Television.
Shoot with Nikon D800, and edited with FCP and cinelooks.
Thanks to the Urb Montenebro social club.
Recorded in Pedrezuela, Huelva and Córdoba in the week, produced from 1-9 of October of 2012.

... When the darkness pales
And give way to the solitary dawn,
When from your bed you spread your arms towards your son,
I'll tell you, "The child is gone."
I'm leaving, Mother. I will become a slight breath of air
And I will caress you; When you bathe, I will be the small waves of water
And I will cover you incessantly with kisses.
When on stormy nights,
The rain whispers on the leaves,
You will hear my murmurs from your bed,
And suddenly, with the lightning,
My laughter will cross your window and explode in your stay.
If you can not sleep very late,
Always thinking about your child,
I will sing to you from the stars: "Sleep, Mother, sleep" ....
Rabindranath TAGORE
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