Video of Fashion Bath for Espejo Publico with the signature American Apparel. Filmed and assembled in 35 hours. one camera & one model and one old pool.
Model: Pepa
Realization, production, DSLR camera, assembly and post-production Audio Video: Pablo Quevedo.
Thanks to:
Pool Stella: Fernando Adrian, Mariana and Teo.
American Apparel: Iris Alonzo, Gomez Victory, David Gomez Maestre.
Music: Wanda Jackson "Funnel Of Love"
Use nikon d800 and nikkors AI 50mm f1.2 (1978) and 85mm 1.4 (1981)
Long Cut of Pepa´s summer.  
Open Season:Sparrow & Nightingale
Ashes To Ashes _- Digital space Replicant : LB
It´s On : Autokratz
Boring Angel: Oneohtrix Point Never + Extraño en el Paraiso: Gloria Laso
Ancora Tu : The Married Monk

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