Summary Base for Espejo Público in Antena 3  Televisión, edited with FCP and PCS. Photos via Reuters and Pablo Quevedo.
Music: Stabat Mater - Woodkid.
Music video for the Mirror Public Awards 2012 of the group Reverbduo of the lavish cover Voyage voyage de Magneto.
Thank you:
  To all the dervish flying jumps that have lent their smile and their knowledge to fly, to Eloy Bernal and Casio for leaving us with a smile the toy that made us fly, Eduardo and all the people of the study 4 for his excellent work and to put the Sun in the studio, to production, scenery, to Paco EQ, to Victor of Sound, to the direction of public mirror for letting me make you fly and ... tachan tachan ... especially to Reverbduo for currarse this piece of song in a Guinness time (and not just say for beer)
Shot and assembled between August 24th and 25th, 2011 on the occasion of the return of Susanna Griso in the 2011-12 season of Espejo Público.
Homemade production, without lighting, shot with the Canon 5d mark III and mounted in FCP. The props are from Pablo's store.
Production: Benjamin Escoriza.
Fashion: Cristina Rodriguez
Screenplay: Jose Angel Gonzalez
Accomplishment, Operator, photography, assembly and postproduction of Audio and Video: Pablo Quevedo Bueno.

Susanna Griso as Susanna Griso
Susanita: Chloë Quevedo Leitess and Vera Quevedo Leitess
Driver: Fernando
Thanks to Alba for taking care of the terrorists, the Torras family for shelter, food, bath and especially for lending us what was his house! And to Belen the Chief for his essential support !.
Format Trailer _ It's Possible.
With Juan Carlos Delgado and Sergio.
Written by: Ana Avila.
Coordination: Carlos Hierro and Carles Cabré
Camera p2. Tarek Serraj and Miquel Roman.
Production: Roberto Zuñiga.
Original Footage Editor: Gaizka Ibarreche
Director, DSLR camera, editing and post-production: Pablo Quevedo.
Music: Krieger (Aphex Twin Baldhu Mix)
Espejo Público is program in its morning stage turns 4 years and this year celebrates it with a mini-superproduction of fanta-humor-neocostumbrist carried out by Susanna Griso and a great number of collaborators of the program
Teaser of the reconstruction "Chronicle of a Drama" for Espejo Público in Antena 3 Televisión.
Video for the closing of the season of Espejo Publico. Of the year 2008. Realization, idea and Assembly.
Video for the closing of the season of Mirror Public 2010, Conceived and realized in 48 Hours. What a ruin !!
Promotional Video of the 1000 programs of Public Mirror.
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